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Dining & Entertainment at Grand Hotel Wien

Award winning Viennese, European and Japanese cuisine

No other hotel offers such a variety of restaurants as the Grand Hotel Wien.

The Grand Hotel Wien is home to several of Vienna's best restaurants and bars, and during your stay there is plenty to choose from to enjoy a unique and stylish dining or bar experience.

Guests are spoilt with culinary delights in a total of 4 restaurants, a bar and a lobby coffee lounge.

Grand Hotel Wien's dining and entertainment venues


  • Le Ciel

    With a spectacular view over the city of Vienna, the award-winning restaurant Le Ciel, located at the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel Wien, is known as one of Vienna’s best gourmet restaurants.

  • Grand Cafe

    The Grand Café is located on the 1st floor of the Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna, which allows a fine view down the Vienna Ringstrasse, as well as direct access to the Ringstrassen-Galerien Shopping Mall.

    Grand Café at the Grand Hotel Wien - BuffetGrand Café at the Grand Hotel Wien - RestaurantGrand Café at the Grand Hotel Wien - RestaurantGrand Café at the Grand Hotel Wien - RestaurantGrand Café at the Grand Hotel Wien - Restaurant Entrance
  • Unkai

    Unkai means ‘sea of clouds’, the name hints at Unkai's location on the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel Wien, directly opposite the gourmet restaurant Le Ciel. At Unkai Restaurant guests are encouraged to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at the highest level, created by Chef Masahiro Yamada.

  • Unkai Sushi

    Opened in January 2008, Unkai-Sushi offers a high quality of sushi and sashimi in a very modern ambience and with quick service. Unkai-Sushi is located directly at the front side of the Grand Hotel Wien with a direct connection to the Grand Hotel Wien lobby and a maximum capacity of 19 seats.

  • Rosengarten

    The lobby coffee and tea lounge Rosengarten, located at the ground floor of the Grand Hotel Wien is part of the impressing lobby. Rosengarten is an established meeting place ‘par excellence’ at the Grand Hotel Wien where a prestigious clientele enjoys the large variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

  • Kavalierbar

    Kavalierbar at the Grand Hotel Wien is the ‘rendez-vous incontournable’ for both Grand Hotel Wien residents and local guests! Thanks to its location on the 1st floor of the Grand Hotel Wien, Kavalierbar offers a decadent view on the famous ‘Ringstrasse’.

    Kavalierbar at the Grand Hotel Wien ViennaKavalierbar at the Grand Hotel WienKavalierbar at the Grand Hotel WienSound of The Ring Cocktail
  • Schanigarten

    From March until October it´s ‘Schanigarten’ season in Vienna, guests enjoy fresh air, sunshine and culinary delights outside on the various terraces.

  • Grand Guglhupf

    The original Viennese Guglhupf is only available at the Grand Hotel Wien since it is made according to the original secret recipe. The Guglhupf is made of the best ingredients without artificial flavours and additives. You can taste the difference!

  • Genusszeiten

    From A to Z. From A like Apple Ice cream to Z like Zui Un Menu. Please find the culinary scope of Grand Hotel Wien and The Ring, Vienna's Casual Luxury Hotel with a total of five restaurants, two bars and four sidewalk cafés, which are coming up with news and delicacies on a daily basis.

    At Eight RestaurantGrand CaféLe Ciel RestaurantRosengartenUnkai Sushi
  • Gift Vouchers

    Be it a 5-course dinner in an exclusive restaurant or a delicious Grand Guglhupf cake; be it a luxurious stay at our 5-star luxury hotel or a Klimt holiday in Vienna - with the Grand Hotel Wien vouchers you are above all giving one thing: pleasurable memories.

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Grand Hotel Wien
Kaerntner Ring 9, A-1010, Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 (0)1 515 800
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Grand Hotel Wien

The Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna, Austria offers a living reminder of the majestic age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Combining luxury 5* Vienna accommodation with unparalleled customer service for guests demanding the very highest standards of hospitality in a Vienna luxury hotel.

Spring on the Kärntner Ring

Welcome to the season of "Schanigärten"!
Spring has arrived, and brings with it the opening of the "Schanigärten". In front of the Grand Hotel Wien, located directly on the Kärntner Ring, you can enjoy your breakfast, coffee, afternoon snack or dinner outdoor.

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