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Inner and Outer Beauty

The Grand Spa features two relaxation islands, AQUA and TERRA, both of which are dedicated to your inner and outer beauty.

The earth tones of the Terra treatment room are coordinated with the extensive selection of innovative beauty treatments that can be tailored to your wishes, with products by the renowned Swiss brand VALMONT and the recently launched luxury line ISHI.

Terra's complement is the Aqua treatment room, offering highly effective, internationally developed massage techniques that depending on your desires either relax or revitalize your body and soul. While you let yourself be pampered by our spa staff, the meditative movements in the aquarium integrated in the wall provide an additional source of relaxation.

Valmont LogoThe exclusive treatment line from VALMONT was developed in Switzerland on the initiative of the renowned Valmont clinic and draws on the richly traditional heritage of Swiss healing arts.
VALMONT's medical qualities make it especially suited for counteracting the degeneration of the skin. Today, the development of the product line is handled by LABORATOIRES VALMONT, which is dedicated to creating highly efficient skincare products with visible, lasting effects.

Ishi LogoIn Japanese, ISHI means "reaching the goal," which is exactly what this exclusive Italian cosmetics line promises. In the spirit of Italian gioia di vivere, ISHI has developed a luxurious line of face and bodycare products that stimulate emotions, awaken the love of life, radiate harmony, and at the same time are characterized by outstanding quality and effectiveness.