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36 new Superior Rooms at the Grand Hotel Wien

May 30th, 2012

36 new Superior Rooms at the Grand Hotel Wien

New Superior Rooms at the Grand Hotel Wien

Listen closely when you step into your Superior Room. It will speak to you. At least Bernhard Rzehorska is convinced it will. And he should know. He and his company Sign Design conducted the renovation and refurbishment of 36 Superior category rooms at the Grand Hotel Wien. "When we renovated these rooms together with the Grand Hotel Wien, our goal was to let them sing, make a statement. So the color red was a natural choice, of course, because there is hardly another hue that unites as many connotations."

But let's go back to the beginning. Measuring up to thirty-five square meters, the Superior category rooms at the Grand Hotel Wien have already been offering their occupants warmth, comfort, and luxury for many years. "Even though the rooms were in good condition and were popular with guests, we decided to completely revamp the first 36 rooms in the Superior category," says Elisabeth Zimmermann, Director of the Rooms department. "We always take the approach of acting before there is a real need. This ensures that we consistently offer our guests the highest standards that will last decades."

These are some of the considerations that inspired the Grand Hotel Wien to join forces with Sign Design, one of the world's leading designers of luxury hotels, to develop a concept and then implement it. Since 2011 the 36 rooms were redesigned with parquet floors, chandeliers, and high quality materials. "The Venetian window dressings, the chandeliers, and above all the use of red in the textiles are all elements that were considered must-haves for sophisticated living in late nineteenth-century Vienna," explains Bernhard Rzehorska of Sign Design. This was precisely the era when the legendary Grand Hotel Wien was built and opened on Vienna's prestigious Ringstrasse boulevard. "Needless to say, we used high quality materials that more than satisfy even the most discerning modern standards, but you can still sense the allusions to that magnificent historic period."

Artfully combining tasteful refinement with cozy ambience, the 36 new Superior category rooms transport guests across one hundred forty years of the Grand Hotel Wien's history without ever having to step out of the present. This feat was achieved by remaining true to the hotel's classic architectural style in every aspect of the renovation. "For me, classic is by definition something that will always appeal to people for many generations to come," says Rzehorska. "It's a quality that creates a sense of well-being."

He concedes that a design hotel can be exciting for a certain amount of time and appeal to specific fans. "But classic hotels like the Grand Hotel Wien have a timeless beauty, and there are only a handful that can make that claim anywhere in the world."

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