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Centennial of FK Austria Wien

July 30th, 2011

Centennial of FK Austria Wien

The Grand Hotel Wien is playing football - or, depending where you come from, soccer. The hotel has teamed up with one of Austria's most successful football clubs, FK Austria Wien. The Grand Hotel team is taking care of all of the catering needs of the venerable club in southern Vienna and is their official hotel for home games. On the occasion of this internationally successful club's one hundredth birthday, the team competed against the all-stars of ex-soccer star Luis Figo's Foundation on June 17th. For the benefit game, the crème de la crème of international football could be welcomed in Vienna and the Grand Hotel Wien. Louis Figo, Ronaldo, Patrick Vieira, and many others came to play in this friendship match for charity. In the end Luis Figo's all star team was beaten by the Wiener Austria even though they played in a Grand Hotel jersey. This, however,  did not detract in the least from the good mood and party atmosphere.

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The Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna, Austria offers a living reminder of the majestic age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Combining luxury 5* Vienna accommodation with unparalleled customer service for guests demanding the very highest standards of hospitality in a Vienna luxury hotel.

Toni Moerwald goes Le Ciel

In the 21st year of its existence Le Ciel gourmet restaurant undergoes a fundamental reorientation. From May 5th on, it will be presented as "Le Ciel by Toni Moerwald" and stand under the aegis of Toni Moerwald. The service team of Service Manager Guenter Moser will stay as it is; toque winning chef Toni Moerwald will be in charge of the new concept.

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