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Grand Hotel Wien featuring Eis Greissler

May 14th, 2012

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Eis Greissler Becher SmallOnce you've tried this ice cream, you'll be amazed by the natural flavor of the various varieties. Pear tastes just like pear (except of course it's cold), and strawberry gives you the sensation of biting into a cool strawberry. Whether vegan varieties or dairy pique your fancy, the cool delicacies from Eis-Greissler are characterized by intense and yet natural flavors. No wonder, because only carefully selected and wholly natural ingredients are used to prepare the artisan ice cream maker's more than 90 different varieties.

"Our employees have names like Anna, Berta, and Mizzi, and they graze on the juicy meadows of the Bucklige Welt region. They're basically part of the family," says Eis-Greissler's Creative Director Andrea Blochberger with a smile. Andrea and Georg Blochberger run a farm with 35 cows in Krumbach, Lower Austria. They have been supplying local kindergartens, schools, and high-end restaurants with their organic milk for years.

In summer 2011 they fulfilled a dream and opened a little ice cream parlor in the center of Vienna. Despite the tiny dimensions of the new Eis-Greissler shop on Rotenturmstrasse, the ice cream was an overnight sensation all over the city. Their success is well-deserved. After all, the Blochbergers exclusively use organic milk from their own cows, organic cream and organic yogurt that they make themselves, fresh fruit from the region, just-picked herbs, and real nuts in their ice creams. No flavor enhancers, artificial additives, artificial aromas, and preservatives to be found. They also make their creations entirely without eggs.

Eis Greissler Stand Small"Ice cream is my passion," says Andrea Blochberger. "I enjoy designing new flavors and I like to invest time and work in the process so I can be proud of the results. The quality and sustainability of the ingredients are important for me. Together with the family atmosphere of our business, I think our quality is what really makes a difference."

"If you try one of the varieties, you immediately understand why this ice cream became a cult within just one year," says Siegfried Pucher, Food & Beverage Director of the Grand Hotel Wien. "I knew right away that we had to share this fantastic flavor with our guests. So I'm truly pleased to welcome ice cream from Eis-Greissler at the Grand Hotel Wien."

In summer 2012, the legendary Eis Greissler ice cream will be available at a little ice cream stand in front of the Grand Hotel Wien next to Unkai Sushi's outdoor seating area. Plus you can enjoy various varieties in ice cream sundaes in the Grand Café.

True to Eis-Greissler's slogan, organic milk makes ice cream a special joy.

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