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Limited Edition: "Klimt Guglhupf"

January 19th, 2010

Guglhupf designed by Gustav Klimt

Guglhupf is one of Austria's most traditional and best liked pastries. The Viennese enjoy the sweet delicacy for breakfast, as a dessert or as part of a coffee or tea break during the day. The cake in its distinct round shape has been known for quite some time. Already the Romans used to bake cakes in forms similar to those used for today's Guglhupf. At the time of the Austrian Monarchy Guglhupf was known as a dish for the common people until Emperor Franz Joseph chose it to be his favorite pastry and had a piece a day.

Secret Recipe

At the Grand Guglhupf is being baked after a secret recipe that gives it a delicious moist and fresh taste. For the Grand Guglhupf, no artificial additives or flavors and only the best ingredients are being used. And this can be tasted!

Gustav Klimt Limited Edition

For a short period of time, the Grand Hotel Wien Guglhupf is now available in combination with "The Kiss", the famous painting of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. In cooperation with the Austrian Gallery Belvedere a special "Klimt-Box" has been created for the delicious cake. This way the Grand Guglhupf can still give you joy long after it was enjoyed to the last crumb.

The "Klimt Guglhupf" can be ordered at, one box including a Guglhupf of 380 gramms costs € 16,-.

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