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New GRAND Uniforms

August 30th, 2011

New GRAND Uniforms

Bellboys and doormen are two of the most traditional professions in the world of hotels. It's hardly surprising, then, that they have oft been eulogized in the writings of literary greats. Joseph Roth, for one (1894-1939), who lived at the Grand Hotel for years, immortalized his life at the hotel in some of his most masterly works. His prose sketch "Arrival at the Hotel" is just one example: "Like other men return to home and hearth, wife and child, I come back to light and hall, chamber maids and doormen. (...) The glance with which the doorman greets me is more than a fatherly embrace." Befitting their significant role, the ten bellboys and doormen at the Grand Hotel Wien have donned new attire for their guests. The new uniforms, designed and tailored by the Vienna fashion company Maxa, are characterized by muted elegance in royal Grand blue.

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The Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna, Austria offers a living reminder of the majestic age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Combining luxury 5* Vienna accommodation with unparalleled customer service for guests demanding the very highest standards of hospitality in a Vienna luxury hotel.

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