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Schanigarten Season in Vienna

April 10th, 2011

Schanigarten Season in Vienna

The city's outdoor cafés

Vienna's Schanigarten restaurants look back on a tradition that dates back to the 18th century. The first was probably established in 1750, when the Italian-born Johann 'Gianni' Jakob Tarone received permission to expand his coffeehouse by placing tables and chairs on the sidewalk of Vienna´s lively street Graben. 'Gianni's Garden' quickly morphed into 'Schani's Garden' in local parlance, and Vienna´s Schanigarten was born.

To this day, outdoor restaurants are enormously popular in Vienna. Nearly two thousand open up each year when the season begins in mid-March. Some of the nicest gardens in the best locations are in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Hotel Wien and The Ring Hotel. Each year, the nicest outdoor restaurant in the city is selected as the winner of the Golden Schani. In 2010 the Grand Hotel Wien was among the top three in the tradition category.

Schanigarten Season GHW smallThe Traditional

The 'Schanigarten' of the Grand Hotel Wien at the famed boulevard Ringstraße looks back on a great tradition. About 100 years ago the terrace in front of the hotel has already been one of the hotspots of the city during summertime. To sit in the sun, see and be seen, and enjoy one's favorite coffee was then and is today one of the most popular leisure activities.

Schanigarten Season Le Ciel smallThe best view

Sitting here brings you a little closer to the sky - not only the culinary creations are heavenly on the terrace of the gourmet restaurant Le Ciel on the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel Wien but also the breathtaking views over the city of Vienna.

Schanigarten Season Unkai Sushi smallThe Japanese

Unkai Sushi on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel Wien in no time came to be a favorite meeting place among all fans of Japanese culinary art. Unkai Sushi's 'garden' ideally matches the best of the Viennese 'Schanigarten-tradition' with the tradition of Japanese Sushi-art in its highest form.

Schanigarten Season ateight smallThe Chic

Casual Luxury - This promise made by The Ring hotel is also kept by its two 'Schanigärten'. Nowhere on the famed boulevard Ringstraße is it possible to relax classier than it is in the new 'gardens' of the restaurant at eight and the bar Drings.

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Spring on the Kärntner Ring

Welcome to the season of "Schanigärten"!
Spring has arrived, and brings with it the opening of the "Schanigärten". In front of the Grand Hotel Wien, located directly on the Kärntner Ring, you can enjoy your breakfast, coffee, afternoon snack or dinner outdoor.

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