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Open House at the 29th September

September 16th, 2013

On September 29 the Grand Hotel Wien is opening its doors to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Armed with a treasure map, visitors are invited to go on a personal exploration of the hotel and take a look from the guests' perspective as well as behind the scenes. For instance, we'll be opening the doors to our presidential suite, a palatial apartment that has hosted guests as illustrious as Placido Domingo and Sophia Loren.

In the kitchen, visitors play a guessing game and identify herbs and spices using their senses of taste and smell. Amateur chefs among them can prove their skills in a professional setting. Our culinary experts also share tips and tricks for organizing private or business parties at home. Throughout the hotel, tasting stations will be offering exquisite food and drink selections.

Every visitor will receive a little surprise as a souvenir of this special day. Afterwards a raffle will take place. Prizes include a romantic dinner for two in our award-winning restaurant Le Ciel.

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Grand Hotel Wien

The Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna, Austria offers a living reminder of the majestic age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Combining luxury 5* Vienna accommodation with unparalleled customer service for guests demanding the very highest standards of hospitality in a Vienna luxury hotel.

Le Ciel Grill Lunch

Wouldn't that be wonderful? It's a beautiful summer day and you're comfortably seated amid fragrant flowers and herbs. An entrée you've selected is sizzling on the grill, fresh salad is tossed with your favorite dressing, the sauces look delicious, and all this is combined with a fabulous view of Vienna's first district.

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